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5 Tips for Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring

08 Jul 2024
5 Tips for Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring

1.    Know The 4cs

Carat (C): This refers to the weight of the diamond, with larger diamonds being more rare and valuable. Diamonds are weighed in carats (ct), with 1 carat equal to 0.2 grams.
2. Color (C): Diamond color is graded on a scale from D (colorless) to Z (light yellow or brown). The closer to colorless the diamond is, the more valuable it is. The most common colors found in diamonds are:

D-F (colorless)
G-J (near colorless)
K-M (faint yellow or brown)
N-R (very light yellow or brown)
S-Z (light yellow or brown)
3. Clarity (C): Clarity refers to the presence or absence of inclusions (internal imperfections) and blemishes (external imperfections) in the diamond. The clarity scale has 11 grades, ranging from Flawless (FL) to Included (I).

2.    How To Buy Diamond Shapes And Cut?

When you are looking for the perfect engagement ring be aware of the differences between a diamond's form and the cutting style. Shape refers to the diamond's shape when seen from the top. The most well-known diamond shape is the round. However, there are other diamond shapes that are referred to as fancy shapes, which include the marquise and pear, oval rectangular, square, and heart.

Round brilliant diamonds are the ones that cost the highest of all the cuts and shapes. A fancy cut can be an effective option to save money and select a unique center stone.

Cutting style is the method by which the diamond's facets are placed. The cut style is very popular because it increases the brightness of a diamond. This cut design is available in a variety of shapes that range from oval to round or round (princess cut) to marquise. 

The most well-known shape and cut combo in the end can be seen on the circular brilliant cut with 57 or the 58 faces. 

Choose Diamond Ring Setting


A bezel is among of the most secure designs. This style is created by using the thin strip of metal is pushed or hammered around the diamond in order to hold it in the right place. The diamond can't be viewed from a side. It is also a sign that there aren't any prongs which could catch on glove (helpful nursing staff) and that the edges are adequately protected.

It's a good choice for diamonds with sharp edges which are more prone to chip, for example marquise cut and princess cut diamonds.

A diamond is held by a set of the use of four and 6 prongs (narrow metal supports). The prongs may be rounded at the top for an old-fashioned look and sleek (claw prongs) to give an interesting contemporary appearance.

Six prongs provide a round brilliant diamond with an elongated look. they also hold the diamond in place. Four prongs create a round diamond that has an appearance that is a bit more square and also cover just a little bit of the diamond's surface.

There are a variety of variations to the prong-setting and it is a possibility to use it in many ring styles, like solitaire, three-stones and more.

3. How To Choose The Metal Of Your Engagement Ring?

How Platinum Ring  

Ritzin Platinum ring range Ritzin Platinum ring range includes both the 950 (95 percent Pure) in addition to 600 (60 100% pure). Platinum is the second most durable precious metal on the market. It is very scratch resistant and is hypoallergenic.

It's a unique, exclusive metal, which puts it within a premium price, however, should you be looking for a top-quality wedding ring, platinum is an ideal choice of wedding ring for people who require a high-quality and durable metal that's much stronger than gold and is scratch less quickly.

White Gold

This popular precious metal is an ideal choice for wedding and engagement rings. Attracting modern brides and grooms that want the feel and weight of gold, it also has the color and shine of platinum.

Diamonds stand out when they are set in white gold whether it's an elaborate or simple style.

Yellow Gold:

Yellow gold is a timeless. It has been utilized in jewelry for a number of many years. It is enchanting due to its rarity, color and its luster (the look of the substance's surface when illuminated by light).

Gold is generally soft and it is often mixed together with different metals. Karat can be used as a term to describe the purity of gold, which is based on 24 components.

The gold is 75% pure - 18K gold, is composed of the equivalent of 18 percent gold, and 6 other elements to form an alloy. The most well-known quality in the U.S.--14K gold is the ratio of 14 percent gold to 10 parts other alloys.

Metals with higher amounts of gold will be riche in hue, are heavier and more brittle (slightly more susceptible to dents or scratches) and are more expensive.

Rose gold Rings

It is frequently associated with love. It's an incredibly warm and luxurious metal that is becoming more sought-after in the present day, both for women and men who are seeking an ring that is distinctive.

Elegant and sophisticated the rose gold adds an element of uniqueness to any style and can withstand the rigors of life.

4.Diamond Test Real Vs Fact

Diamonds that are natural sparklers, sparkling stones that have created in the depths of the Earth are extremely rare, valued, precious, and highly sought-after. For centuries, the dazzling beauty of diamonds cut, barely included stone has been the symbol of wealth and love.

Their affluence and value however, have also been the reason for dupes and replicas as there are many stones that look identical to natural diamonds like lab-created diamonds, moissanite zirconia and white sapphire that have distinct chemical characteristics (and have a differing price).

Diamonds are real and can be beautiful in white gold-plated engagement rings or sparkling wedding band and are commonly employed to create high-end jewelry.

As many of them have the appearance of real diamonds and are therefore a must to buy high-end jewelry from reliable sources such as GIA certified jewelers or reputable retailers.

5. Choose A Diamond Reflect Light

The age-old topic of diamond lighting!

You're right, diamonds can appear differently under various lighting conditions, and it's essential to consider how they'll perform in everyday situations.

Often, diamonds appear more brilliant and vibrant in natural daylight.

LED light: LED lighting can enhance diamond luster, but not its fire.

Candlelight: Candlelight brings out the fire in diamonds and creates a warm glow.

Incandescent and fluorescent lighting combined can highlight the brilliance of diamonds.

Check your diamond in a variety of environments, including outdoors, in an office with fluorescent lighting, and in dimly lit or warm spaces. As a result, you'll know how it looks in different situations.

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