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How to propose my Girlfriend in 2022

by Mayur Rana 31 Jan 2022
How to propose my Girlfriend in 2022

Planning for that special day, when you are going to start a whole new journey of your life? Planning gets difficult when you also need to consider Covid-19 and follow its rules. So, to make this happen you really need to know your partner very well. We have some beautiful ideas and tips for you to make your day special with love and care. First, we will look at some tips:- 

Make it Personal- Use your relationship journey or some beautiful memories in the surprise. If you surprise her with a decoration, use her favorite place or maybe use her favorite flowers in the décor.

  1. Flow into your relationship journey- Try to identify those moments when you both were totally into each other and didn’t care about people around you. That place could be a home beach or restaurant, that moment what you two were doing. Thinking about this will make you craft your own idea. 

  2. Take it slow - Surprises are always better when you are excited about them. Make your partner excited and then give the boom that does not mean you need to do it a few days before, you just need to surprise when the time is correct. 

  3. Tell her to get ready- Looking great in her engagement photos is what every girl desires. Tell her we are going for dinner or somewhere where we are going to take pictures, that she could probably not guess what is going on.

  4. Hire a Cameraman-  This tip I know you all know about but it was important to list so you all don’t forget while planning for the surprise.

  5. Order the best engagement ring- Purchasing a beautiful ring that too in the budget is a difficult task so you can purchase from us at Here you will receive great designs at the best prices. 

Pro-Tip- Start taking out notes of what she likes and dislikes. For example, Is she a private person or a public person? Which type of place does she like beaches or mountains? Etc.


Now let’s pack our bag with creativity and start with discussing a few of the ideas so you decide with which one to go ahead with.

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